Our Story

Born in Paris, designed in Amsterdam.

As a brand in current society we aim for sustainability and durability. You don’t buy our product for one season only, it will last for a long period of time as we use specifically the best available fibers. The ‘Made in Scotland’ label on our Bonnets stands for craftsmanship and quality.
Our factory was founded over 170 years ago, being one of the oldest factories in the UK.

All products are knitted on traditional machineries. The technique used to make these products has been passed down through generations. After the knitting process, the beanies are washed, pressed and checked thoroughly. We would like to welcome you to our world, a world of creating the best accessories made by mankind.



Beanie Story

This handcrafted product is easy to wear and will always turn heads as its quality oozes luxury. The subtle invisible branding enhances style and class. This beanie will complete your everyday look. Our product is made with love and care, please treat with the respect it deserves.

Check regularly on our website for new colour updates.



Glove story

A small pleasure can help you get through the day – this timeless piece of hand wear allows you to still scroll effortless whilst wearing. To get that durable and yet soft touch the gloves are made of merino wool.



Scarf Story

One of the warmest handcrafted scarfs you will ever encounter. This piece with the softest handfeel will never be out of style. Our scarf is made out of 25% Caregora and 75% lambswool. Available in 10 colours.



Limiteds Story

Brutally fashionable piece! This wearable item will keep you warm during extremely cold winters. The Balaclava will protect your head when temperature drops down to minus zero. Our Balaclava is made out of Cashmere 30% / superfine merino wool 70%. Extremely soft and durable at the same time. You can wear this item as a normal beanie too as shown on the pictures.



Le Petit Bonnet Story

A beanie that fits all, is what we are aiming for, so we needed to make one for those little ones.

Again this handcrafted beanie is made out of caregora (Angora) and Lambswool, this durable composition is perfect for kids as well, it does not itch and has a supersoft hand feel. We offer this range in 10 colors, the perfect gift. The ideal age for kids to wear this item would be from the ages of 1 to 5 years old.


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